Ecosystem in Alaska is quite rich and manifests itself in the variety of flower and plant species that cannot be seen in other US states and countries of the world.

The plants you can see when visiting the state include grasslands, mountains, tundra plains, thick forests, wild flowers, hardy plants and what not. Among the plants you can see in the forests, it makes sense to mention Sitka spruce, tamarack, western hemlock and red cedar, white birch (this seems quite surprising, doesn’t it?) and other dominating species. 

When wandering across the state, you can see muskegs. These are wet areas, covering large land surfaces and slopes in southeastern and southern regions of the coastal area of Alaska. According to the estimations of researchers, muskegs cover around 10% of the southern Alaska area. Muskegs are not generally deep. When I step on them for the first time, I felt like stepping on a sponge. The feeling was actually weird. 

Speaking about the major plant species found in Alaska, there are many of them there. Estimations state that there are over 1700 plant types found in the Alaskan tundra. What’s interesting, all of them have common characteristics. They primarily grow close to the ground surface and they grow quite fast because of the long duration of the day. Some common types of plants that grow in Alaska are willows, grasses, sedges etc.

Apart from the wildlife garden plants, there are also native plants found across Alaska. These plants are well adapted to the natural surroundings of the geographical location based on the climatic conditions and other specific characteristics of the ecosystem. Basically, the Arctic flora of Alaska comprises four major groups, namely Gymnosperms, Angiosperms, Monilophytes and Lycophytes. The state flower of Alaska is the “Forget-Me-Not”, which is also known in European countries.

Other widely found plant species of the region include:

  • Small-Flowered Paintbrush
  • Scarlet Paintbrush
  • Pond Lily
  • False Hellebore
  • Western Columbine
  • Rusty Menziesia
  • Cattail
  • Canada Goldenrod
  • Salmonberry
  • Bird Vetch
  • Partridgefoot
  • Monkey Flower
  • Bunchberry
  • Nagoonberry
  • Swamp Gentian
  • Whorled Lousewort
  • Dwarf Fireweed
  • Bog Rosemary
  • Liverleaf Wintergreen
  • Deerberry
  • Alaska Blueberry
  • Beach Pea