My Hobby

The fact that I like traveling doesn’t mean that I don’t have any other hobbies at all. There is much I’m fond of.

I like mountain climbing, cooking and I’m a devoted movie-goer. But there is one activity I like most of all and devote all my free time to it. The hobby I’m talking about it hockey. I’m a real hockey enthusiast. I don’t only watch all the hockey games on TV and visit them on a regular basis. I’m also a member of one of the local hockey teams.

It all started when I was five years old. My father, who also liked hockey, encouraged me to play with him, but, as far as he was too busy at work at that time, he registered me for one of the local hockey sections. I liked the idea a lot and I tried not to miss a single game. As I grew up, I joined the Alaska Oilers Hockey Association that helped enhance my expertise and skills.

Our coaches are real professionals. They are committed to the process itself and they are experienced in what they do. The coaching stuff of the Association is one of the best not only in Alaska, but in the United States as well. The major proof of this fact is the results the team gets on the competitions and championships. I’m proud of being a member of this Association and making my own contribution to the success of the team.